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#1 Posted by Acegikmo 5 years 11 months ago
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This is the place to post any bugs, issues and feature requests you might have regarding the website!

Request forum style tags and smileys/icons in this thread.
If you want to give feedback on the game, both web and standalone version, feel free to do so in their respective threads!

• The IRC page does not fit the look of the rest of the website whatsoever, but it's external, so it's hard to adjust. Might be able to work around it.

Level Center:
• Level uploader needs a lot more work

• Edit box should be larger by default, and auto-expand when typing inside
• Lots of tags break when combining, especially with url and exp
• Does not support large images very well
• Expanders and quotes are not nestable
• "Edit post" mode does not have a cancel button

• User avatars
• Notification system
• Character limits visible while typing a level award and forum post/thread

Level Center:
• Ability to edit your award
• Level awards should shine through in the list view
• More visibility of level stats in list view
• Much more stats on the levels
• Shortcut to download levels from the list view, maybe even in batches
• Easier to see which levels you've downloaded already

• Keyboard shortcuts for formatting tags and post edit submitting
• Online indicator in post profile
• Pagination for threads and posts
• Forum categories should show last post and a description
• Forum rules
• When posting a new reply, the view should auto-scroll to it
• Thread title editing
• Sticky threads
• Locked threads
• New post highlight of threads
• Post preview before posting
• Allow post deleting
#2 Posted by kamyl 5 years 11 months ago
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First, make textarea larger in edit mode. It's so tiny!
Also, allow us to delete our own posts. At least if our post is the last one.

Another suggestion: bold titles of topics (and categories too) that contain unreaded posts.
Another thing: make a post review, so we can be sure that we didn't do any typo and used tags correctly.
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