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#1 Posted by Sranine 6 years 10 months ago
Flowstorm Developer
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Hey folks!

As we’ve mentioned earlier, we’re really curious about who you players are. We want to be very open with our development and hope that hanging out with the other people who play the game will feel all warm and fuzzy. We love this game. I love this game. Even though the end of Detour almost makes me cry every time I pass the last checkpoint at 7 sec and crash right into that damned wall.
Ok, so this is why I don’t talk so much, because I get OT almost insta.
Introductions, it was.
I’ll start.

I’m Sranine, I am one of the two devs on this project. I joined in Ace after he had created the first prototypes and we wanted to join forces in working on just one project (we had too many). Back then I could still beat his scores. Not a chance now, I think, hah. I just love the idea of a difficult game that you mainly learn to play by just figuring out how you do it. Find your own style, your own feel for flying. Not by pressing a button to auto-finish quests. I want Flowstorm to surprise the player in what you can actually do, despite that it feels impossible those first few rockets (or hundreds).

That’s all for now! Next!
#2 Posted by Ravidge 6 years 10 months ago
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I'm Ravidge. I'm not involved in the development of the game! I just play it. I first met Acegikmo through Team Fortress 2 mapping and as soon as I found out about Flowstorm I've been there playing it on and off when I have some time to kill.
My favorite modes are Race and Accel, and I can't do well on any levels involving targets. I usually don't try to aim for the best-of-the-best scoreboards/times in these kinds of games, but since the alpha has been relatively small so far, I've taken the opportunity to try and get as high as I could before there was any huge influx of players!

Sorry about that wall Sranine :)
#3 Posted by Pabu 6 years 10 months ago
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Ahoy everyone!

I go by the name Pabu here and in many other places. I like puzzly side of the game and enjoy figuring out little tricks to improve my scores. I play lots of other games from varying genres but generally not first-person-shooters. At the moment I use most of my freetime to play Path of Exile.

You can find me hanging around irc pretty much always.
#4 Posted by Motorsheep 6 years 10 months ago
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Howdy, I'm the Motorsheep, and I'm neither a game dev nor a mod-maker or mapper or anything else in that direction.
I do play a lot of games though, mostly RPG's and anything that comes with sandbox-style gameplay. My current favourite has to be Kerbal Space Program.

I was born and raised in Germany, studied there, worked there for a while, but now I'm living on the beautiful island of La Palma (Canary Islands), where I work as a freelance translator.

I suck at most twitch-based games, but since there's some degree of physics involved in Flowstorm, my talent for racing seems to help me here. I'm playing "untouchable" pretty much exclusively, and as of now I'm still among the top 10 untouchables for all levels. However, within the last 2 days I seem to have been pushed very close to the edge, and I don't know if I can be arsed to work my tendons raw on shaving a few split-seconds off my score on all those levels. Maybe I'll move on to a new mode now :D
#5 Posted by autobots 6 years 10 months ago
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Hello, I'm autobots and I'm from Florida (US). I'm a game dev, started in the industry as a tester for the big evil corporation (you know the one) and moved up to software engineer. I liked working there at first but after several years of writing code for games so big that you can't even tell what your own contributions are, I had to leave. I am no longer officially employed in the industry, but now I have the time to work on my own games so that is what I spend my free time doing. Unfortunately I found a link to this game on reddit and haven't been back to work since (about 8 hours now).

I love playing games, but as I grew up I definitely enjoy making them more than just playing so I don't play many new titles. I especially stay away from the cookie-cutter games that the big evil studios (like the one I worked for) put out every year. I don't want to play new war based shooters or sports games. I like games that make you work for it and make you think, and that is the kind of games I like to make as well. And while I am making games I often check out the game development forums (love screenshot saturday) which often introduces me to great indie games like Flowstorm and delays my game even further. I guess I should probably stop procrastinating.

Roll Out!
#6 Posted by kamyl 6 years 10 months ago
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My name is Kamil and I would like to be a game dev. ;D
I always liked to play games. Some day i was wondering how these games I play are made. I was like 8 years old then and didn't really had idea where to look for such info.
Now I'm 18 and super lazy to learn things faster than I'd like to. Still, I hope I will write my very own game that I'd like play. That's my dream.
Also, I like Valve, even though they forgot about ep3. :/

What a moving story... Yeah, I like to complain a lot and be honest. I try to be realist rather than optimist. ;)

#7 Posted by pipi 6 years 10 months ago
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Hi, nice to read all of you guys. I'm Pipi (well it's been my gamer name for a long time anyways) from Montreal, Canada.

I work in building aircraft engines. I'm an electronic music artist and also playing a few other instruments. I'm a geek and a gamer (since the NES pretty much) I've done some projects with Unity3D (and Kamyl you should check that software maybe ;). Worked 3Dsmax and Photoshop in my teenage years a lot.. doing mainly digital art and stuff.

One day (recently) I was shuffling the indie games on Steam's Greenlight in hope of finding a gem or two, because you know, the game industry nowadays is saturated with crap, and most of the good games I've been playing are indie games.. And I found out about Flowstorm.

I'm a natural selection 1 veteran, pretty much the only game I played for years long and got really good and competitive about. I'm playing a bit of Awesomenauts as well, but I'm not a huge gamer anymore.

Oh and if you wanna hear my music, head to www.soundcloud.com/phonimusic
#8 Posted by QuintessaBranch 11 months 2 weeks ago
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