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#1 Posted by kamyl 6 years 11 months ago
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Without any fancy intro, let's get straight into the point. :P

You, map author, can choose ships/rockets that players will be able to play with on your map.
Every map has separate ladderboards for every rocket (rockets that has been chosen by map author).
That way, you multiply time needed to "finish" the map, so people have more to do, not really having more content in the game. :)

Some example, so maybe it's easier to understand what I am trying to say:
Let's say, we have 4 rockets in Flowstorm: 'Classic Blu', 'Fatty Fat Fat', 'Tomato' and 'Fancy Chassis'. Every rocket is different. For instance Fatty Fat Fat is just worse than Classic Blu in terms of being able to get to the finish faster...
I made a map that is nice for Classic Blu, Fatty Fat Fat and Tomato, so I set these 2 rockets in map settings. Map is released.
Now, my map has 3 separate ladderboards: for Classic Blu, Fatty Fat Fat and Tomato.

Of course if you don't feel like playing Tomato, you can master your favourite Fancy Chassis on other maps.

And in some menu, we have Ladderboards button. You can see scores for particular rocket and/or game mode.
Nothing stops you to add another ladderboard that shows you just best times regardless what rocked you used.

Now everyone can be the best. Everyone will easily find at least one gamemode and/or rocket that will be good at. But being good means dominate as many ladderboards. :)

You can think of rockets as environments in TrackMania, with every gamemode being played at the same time.

If you really aren't going to finish the game, then screw the multiplayer (sad) and do neat singleplayer with almost endless possibilities for players with nice score system so you can compete with other players. Fight for high position in your favourite fuel mode, or see if you're still 1st on "Best Tomato Drivers" Ladderboards. You need to think of some nice score system. It could be even the same as in TrackMania United with official times in singleplayer.

Sorry if my thoughts are little not put in order or my English is not so great. I hope I presented my idea clearly.
As much as I understand your (developer's) situation, that much I want the game to be released. So I help you as I can (because I want that game!) - telling you an idea that would add to the game much, without (hopefully) not that much work.
#2 Posted by Acegikmo 6 years 11 months ago
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The best across all available types will be the primary scoreboard, but the sub-scoreboards for each rocket could be browsed to as well.

The one problem at the moment is that replays are saved per level & per category, but not per rocket.
So at the moment there's no way of seeing your best replay with Rooket, if you have a better time on the same level/timer with Storm rocket.

It shouldn't take that long to do something like this.


Rooket = Rooket
Storm rocket = Storm Rocket
#3 Posted by pipi 6 years 11 months ago
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Yup that's a good idea, also I think Kamyl should be in charge of naming the rockets, much better names ! ;)

I'm a Fatty fat fat player...
#4 Posted by kamyl 6 years 11 months ago
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ikr? :)
#5 Posted by GageBriggs 1 year 2 months ago
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