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#1 Posted by Acegikmo 5 years 11 months ago
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Our Kickstarter is not looking healthy :(
That said, we're not giving up. We're relaunching the Kickstarter soon, with a lower goal and a bit cheaper rewards, which also means the game will be a bit smaller in scope as well, unless we would hit stretch goals.

This is why we think a second Kickstarter might work:
• Existing backers that, hopefully, will back us again
• Lower goal means more momentum
• Standalone will be available as soon as you back the project, hopefully pulling people into the community and level center
• Revised video, covering a few things that wasn't very clear last time.
• We've learnt a lot of things from this, marketing and such, that is helpful a second time around.

We have a few theories on why the Kickstarter didn't work out, but we'd like to ask you first. It would be very kind and extremely helpful of you if you could answer one or more of these questions:

1) What made you back Flowstorm?
2) Why do you think the Kickstarter failed?
3) What rewards would you like to see in our next Kickstarter?
4) Anything else you think we should know?

Thank you *so* much for your support, and especially for being in this community! The game wouldn't exist without you. We really hope you will stick around for a while, until next time :)

#2 Posted by Shmitz 5 years 11 months ago
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Factors that led to me backing:
1) I've known Ace a while and wanted to support the project. :)
2) Being able to play a demo before backing.
3) Access to the level editor!

(Of these probably only #2 could be reliably applied to a general audience)
#3 Posted by Motorsheep 5 years 11 months ago
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1) What made you back Flowstorm?
- I enjoyed Flowstorm from the first minute and I wanted to see how much more awesome it would get under full-blown development.
- I looked at my hours played and decided that no matter how much more I'd get out of this game in the future, the devs deserved to get some money from me.

2) Why do you think the Kickstarter failed?
- The goal seemed reeeaally high. It wasn't really obvious though how an arcade game would ever come to be this costly in development. I know it costs a lot to make a game, but I don't think a lot of people expected this number when others are asking for just twice that amount to make a role playing game or something of similar complexity.
- the minimum pledge for early access seemed really high, too. These days, you can get fun arcade games on steam for under 5€, and on many KS campaigns, you get early access already for the normal pre-order price. I think a lot of people probably thought "Well if I can't get early access in return for pre-ordering the game, I can just as well sit back and wait how it turns out and THEN pay for the game."
- We've talked about the video's voice-over before..
- Most importantly, most successfully funded games on KS are either 1) direct or spiritual successors to famous games or 2) revolutionary in their concept or 3) aiming to offer something everyone has been waiting for since they were a kid. These are the things that make people pay up long before they receive the product.
Flowstorm, I'm afraid, is none of those. It's a wonderfully made re-visit of an old arcade game coupled with some really cool features such as the different game modes and rockets, the score boards, the level editor and the multiplayer mode. However, it also quite blatantly professes to be a niche game. So, in the end, I wonder if Flowstorm really is the type of game that can get enough hype to be able to cut it on Kickstarter.

On the other hand, I think Flowstorm is the kind of game that gets a relatively small but all the more dedicated following over the years, and it's definitely worth a shot to cut the Kickstarter down to the size of that following and use that money to do whatever is possible with it.

And if Flowstorm continues to be successful after that, you can still use that stream of income to make and sell a sequel or expansion.

3) What rewards would you like to see in the next Kickstarter?
Can't really say...I'm not the kind of person that goes for rewards or ups his pledge in order to reach a stretch goal. All I care for is alpha and beta access.

4) I think I can speak for all the Flowstorm fans here when I say:
We love you guys - keep up the great work, and no matter how this or the next Kickstarter turns out, don't lose faith in yourselves and in what you can achieve. Because you've already proven that you've got what it takes to be great game developers.
#4 Posted by Jordo76 5 years 11 months ago
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1) What made you back Flowstorm?
I discovered Flowstorm on Steam Greenlight and it was amazing, I loved it, I showed it to my friends, they loved it, the reason i backed Flowstorm is because I wanted to see the kickstarter of such a beautiful game succeed.

2) Why do you think the Kickstarter failed?
I think not enough people knew the game, others may have been frustrated by the difficulty or by a goal that they thought was too high.

3) What rewards would you like to see in our next Kickstarter?
The rewards seemed fine, I have no ideas of others rewards.

4) Anything else you think we should know?
You're awesome, the game is awesome, please don't give up.
#5 Posted by Saar 5 years 11 months ago
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1) What made you back Flowstorm?
The minute I found the project I played the game and got hooked on the tight controls and difficulty level!!
2) Why do you think the Kickstarter failed?
As I suggested to Ace the other day, Lack of cheap rewards ,and overall lack of publicity..
3) What rewards would you like to see in our next Kickstarter?
Rockets shaped Keychains, T-shirts and smartphone covers!
#6 Posted by dubradditz 5 years 11 months ago
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My only thoughts are ones I have said before on other posts. I game like this will not thrive off a single player campaign you guys seem to be pitching with cut scenes, a plot, whatever. The game most resembles Trials, something that thrives off a community making their own levels and challenging each other.

Perhaps scaling this game back to focusing on the tools, different rockets and tracks, and trying to build up a little community around it and go from there. But when people enjoy this type of game, it will not be for single player thing at all. It will be loading up a large library of user-made maps, finding a fun one, and going for that top time.
#7 Posted by Ravidge 5 years 11 months ago
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Here's a list of things I think you can improve/work on and think about. It's very scattered with ideas and concerns about Flowstorm as a whole, I'm aware that it's probably hard to follow along with what I'm trying to say I tried to be brief, but just tell me on IRC if you want me to elaborate on any of these points.

Game is too hard to appeal to larger playerbase.
- First impressions matter a lot! Dying is not fun. 10 minutes to complete the first map is not a good time.
- It's NOT about a learning curve!!!!!!!!!!!
--- There is not much to learn, as I see it there's these things: Your Speed/Acceleration rate, Turn rate, Gravity strength, Shooting. The rest is not things you learn (not enough to mention), just do... things like sliding or bouncing. You don't practice how to slide better, or get to understand it over time.
--- Even if you get all these concepts down and "mastered", you still die A LOT. Because you stop being content with just finishing levels pretty soon, and when you go faster, you just die. and then you practice going fast, and keep dying. But this is not about learning, it's about personal skill/improvement and skill-ceilings and should not be confused with just learning the game.
- The challenge is "just surviving" not "finishing quickly" for a lot of players, this is fine for hard levels or lategame levels. But annoying in the very beginning.
--- The other challenge is just memorization. It's straight up impossible to score a good time on a map within the first few tries on it, I can't at least. I have to memorize the level and learn a route bit by bit.
- The minimum level of competence needed is relatively high!
- Any mistake is fatal, leads to less gameplay options; levels have to be fairly short etc.
- Ditch the timer based scoreboard asap. As the game grows it becomes less and less relevant. "I'm #7324 ?? what does that even mean? out of how many?". Feel free to keep it but don't make it the primary way to rank players.
--- Timers are fun IF: you're in the top percentile of players. Or between friends. In any other scenario they are probably more harm than good.

Not enough updates.
- The only thing to my knowledge that has been publicly 'tested' is the soft-aim thing.
- it's a alpha, but it feels like you're rolling out big patches instead of doing smaller builds and testing often.
--- If you don't want a public relase that often, I suggest trying to get a couple of dedicated testers to beta-test-the-alpha-build.
- Feedback is sparse because I don't know what you've tried and discarded, what have been tested by you before shipping something. I don't want to make redundant comments on things with just theorycraft to back me up (because all variables are locked I can't test things out).
- Artwork, music, models, effects and ideas are also things you can show off on a blog-like manner, it really excites people.

Community is still too small and not knitted together enough.
- You need a solid base. This takes time, and it's probably harder than making the game itself.
- There needs to be more media.
--- Anyone trying to find out what flowstorm is atm really don't have too much to go by, there are very few screenshots around, a handful of videos of varying quality.
--- Again replays. It's nuts how many videos I would/could have made by now if I just didn't have to record the game live.
- There is very little interaction between players.
--- You can't spectate or play with or against others over the internet (big feature I know), you can't share replays, you can't challenge players, You can't compare your results to someone else (not easily).

Not enough content.
- As always, people want more levels, and more variation, different challenges, new environments, new mechanics (introduced with care)
- Music.
#8 Posted by svscowan 5 years 11 months ago
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I backed it because it was an awesome concept, and the demo being readily available showed it was a smooth and working game,

IMO it failed because it was niche, no amount of broadcasting this game to the world would make people want to play something they have no interest in. There is no spark to get people interested, unless they are already interested in something of this nature. Its sort of a platformer a-la Super Meat Boy, but the controls arent as readily mastered as the typical platformer. Shift to run and wall jumping is basically ingrained in most PC gamers subconscious, but the left right space mechanic is so rarely seen that most would turn away without giving it a chance(although that is exactly why i backed flowstorm, its uniqueness to the gaming scene as a whole means that this could possibly be the next big genre, seeing as how roguelike-likes have become popular, you never really know what could catch on next. I want this to succeed, i would have loved if this kickstart had made it, and if i hear of the next kickstart i will most likely back it as well(disposable income allowing), but i really fear its just one of those games that wont catch on, which would be a shame because its marvelous fun, if ridiculously difficult.

Definitely try to advertise more, i came because of reddit, and that there was no spike of sales around when it was posted means it didnt catch on. Next kickstart try some of the bigger subs(without being pushy, of course, dont want any trouble) and really its just a matter of timing.

Best of luck to ya, I look forward to seeing "Flowstorm" pop up on my news feed again one day.
#9 Posted by pipi 5 years 11 months ago
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1 - Because I wanted to support indie devs that are building a wonderful game, and I sensed that my money would be put to the development and polishing of this game.

2 - Mainly and probably because the word is not out yet, I mean, the community is small. You might want to wait and work a bit on gaining awareness. Even I discovered your game by luck, after browsing close to a hundred games on Steam Greenlight, and I doubt many people do so. So you can't expect to put up a kickstarter and have crowds running to it instantly.

3 - I'm not too concerned about rewards but the alpha access is sure a good thing with indie developpers. Maybe you could give a unique 3d model texture/skin and/or add a star or badge to the boards by the name of the players who backed by a certain amount of money. Just an idea.

4 - Hmm, I've been around in the last weeks, and started posting on the forums and tried initiating discussions, I've also been criticizing a lot (for the best even though sometimes I sound harsh, I'm sorry for that hehe). But in all honesty, I think you guys, Acegikmo and Sranine are on the good path. You just need to patient and disciplined.

On a side note, it would be really cool to implement a feature to choose custom maps that are uploaded on site, directly in the web player. Don't know if it's possible.
#10 Posted by Zelgadis 5 years 11 months ago
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I really liked Flowstorm, both its concept but most importantly its visuals. The concept of a rocket sliding at incredibly high speed on a curved surface totally brought me in.

However, even if I somewhat like difficult games, Flowstorm felt waaaaay too unforgiving. I like challenges, I don't like restarting the same level over and over again without making any real progress. I know the game has a niche of people liking it for its difficulty alone, and I know I'm in the minority in this forum for saying this, but the difficulty bar was a major turnoff for many people, myself included. Heck, I just checked my own statistics: after 2.5 hours playing this game (2100 rockets), the playthroughs that reached the finish line amounted to a whopping 9 minutes! The novelty value was high, but after 2.5 hours it just got frustrating and I stopped playing. A smoother difficulty curve would probably have helped a lot in the Kickstarter campaign, but if you wanted to reach out to more people (and the goal being so high means that was a necessity), you really need a more accessible game (which doesn't mean "easy" or "casual"!).

I really think you are some very talented people and I hope you the best for the future.
#11 Posted by Motorsheep 5 years 11 months ago
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Well...for me it's 1h18m out of over 18 hours played. That's 98% of all rockets failing. I bloody HATE failing over and over at games, but for some reason, Flowstorm is the exception. However, the reason might be that I have no trouble getting through any of the levels. The only one that ever gave me any real trouble was "Oscillatory". So when I'm dying all the time, it's to improve my score, not to finish the level.

Maybe it was easier for me to get into Flowstorm because I play a lot of racing games, so I'm kind of used to the sensation of threading a needle at 150 miles an hour. I never experienced the frustration of never getting it right, no matter how many times I try.

So yeah, maybe it would be a good idea to flatten the learning curve a little before the next Kickstarter.
#12 Posted by Acegikmo 5 years 11 months ago
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Thanks a bunch for all the feedback so far!
We're collecting lots of feedback on all of this at the moment, we'll probably post our analysis and thoughts on how to approach the next Kickstarter tomorrow :)
#13 Posted by mightyjimmy 5 years 11 months ago
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I backed this project only based on the video, because it just looked like the type of game that has a allot of depth playability it also looks really difficult.
Me and some of my friends play a game where one of us puts on a kickstarter video and the others have to guess how much money they've raised, one thing I've noticed, I'm not sure why, but it helps allot if you introduce yourself briefly at the start of the video.
#14 Posted by JackHeart 5 years 11 months ago
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I backed this project because I saw it was a local project and of course it seemed intresting.
Would never found it if it didnt show up on the home screen of Kickstarter.

I think the Kickstarter failed because people didnt know about it. Key is to get attention from a few sites and the goal will be broken in no time.
It is a great idea and I hope it will come true.
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