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#1 Posted by Ravidge 5 years 9 months ago
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Dynamic elements could really spice up the levels, especially when it comes to higher difficulties. These things may seem crazy, but remember that it's up to level designers to use these tools intelligently and not cram all of them into every map.
In this thread i aim to list a things I'd like to see. Feel free to post and add your own.

- Everything from platforms to triangles to blobs moving around, typically following a path or loop. Could be triggered to start/stop by something and starts either on/off. I guess this counts as a continuous change or gradual change.
- same as above, but should be able to work on its own but may also be combined with a Moving shape (into a rotating moving shape). Continuous change or gradual change. Both these two are the backbone of any dynamic solid shape in a map. Think a big revolving door type of obstacle or crushers, just to give some examples.

- Open a pathway that was previously closed. Opened either by a trigger, objective or key of some sort. Doors open very fast, but not instantly. Gradual change
- Same function as Doors. Laser gates open instantly. Are not solid, but destroys the ship on contact, projectiles may go through(?). Instant change
- Solid but shatters shortly after you touch it or shoot it. If placed in a horizontal gap, sliding across glass is possible, but leaves a open glass-less hole behind you as it shatters. Only breaks where you touch or shoot it, does not shatter the entire glass surface at once, assuming it's a fairly large section. Gradual change
- A way to spawn phys props. For example a big metal ball that rolls around your level (probably not suitable for most levels, but very neat in ones designed for it). Or firing smaller balls that break on impact with any surface (a regular cannon). The more customizable the better (force, angle, size, projectile type, shot delay etc). Instant change? it spawns things...

- We have this already. Needs options to unlink the direction of push and rotation of the forcefield shape. A strength value. And all 'fields' shape should be customizable, not just a square. - continuous change
- a volume that disables gravity - continuous change
- a volume that disables controls. Bloody dangerous but I think it can work in specialized levels, and if used in moderation - continuous change
- A point that has gravitational pull based on wormhole size, a deathtrap if you don't have the speed to leave the center (just make it kill you if you can't leave the absolute center for >1 second), harmless to fly though otherwise, apart from it most likely altering your path. - continuous change

- You know what this is, touching activates something. Two settings: trigger once only, trigger while touching only. Instant change
- Press or shoot to trigger something. Two settings: Trigger once only, Trigger multiple times as button resets after a delay. Instant change
- Could be some other object if keys isn't your thing. Similar to Button, you touch and something is triggered. Instant change


Some wishes better than others, I just wrote down anything that i think could be put to use at all, not necessarily in a good or enjoyable way, but usable non-the less .
#2 Posted by Acegikmo 5 years 9 months ago
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Great stuff Ravidge!
There's a lot to explore here, and I think moving obstacles would open up a lot of possibilities, and would also be good for marketing the game, as it could look quite impressive :)
Some of these are rather complex though, and would take a long time to create, and would have to be put as stretch goals instead of being in the regular version.
#3 Posted by pipi 5 years 9 months ago
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pretty cool ideas i like !

also, it would be nice to have a checkpoint trigger something like control-lock, or a red/orange checkpoint that cuts off acceleration for the rest of the race :P
#4 Posted by Motorsheep 5 years 9 months ago
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"Wormhole" made me think of portals - they could either be somewhere on the walls or hang in mid-air, and you could slip through them to get to a different section of the map. Of course they also allow grenades to pass through. This might be especially interesting for multiplayer.
#5 Posted by Rusband 7 months 3 weeks ago
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There was so much potential. What a shame most of it wasn't realized. Still, there's hope for this game.
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